Joanna Peyton-Jones has always loved the idea of lighting up people's lives: from travelling as a volunteer to Morocco with Operation Smile to provide care and support for the families of children undergoing surgery for facial deformities, to running half marathons for various charities (helping causes she is passionate about) to throwing surprise parties for great friends.


Setting up Write in Lights, a bespoke gift service that literally lights up people's lives was a very natural next step in her career. Having trained in furniture restoration she has considerable expertise in hand-crafting raw materials into a high quality heirloom pieces.


When she's not in her studio handcrafting neon artworks to special commission or arranging the expert fitting of her pieces in private homes, she can be found walking her beloved labradoodle, training for half marathons or whizzing around the country keeping up with her friends and her extended family (Joanna is one of six sisters!).


Joanna's mission is to bring out the 'The Artist' within us all, by translating our own handwriting into stunning focal pieces of neon art within our homes that continue to light up our lives long after Joanna's work is done.


With an impressive client list ranging from gallery owners, TV personalities, journalists, and luxury brand owners, you too can own a bespoke works of

neon art.

Our bespoke works of art start at £850 prices depend on size, backboards and complicity and delivery requirements.


Whilst a lot of our work tends to be bespoke, we also hand craft a limited number of off the shelf pieces. With pre-made artworks including the popular love hearts at £390,

I love you at £850 and sunshine at £650 you can get a genuine neon piece fast.

Order time?


We create special handmade one off neon works of art from your words, sentences, children's or friends names, shapes, and drawings. It usually takes 4 weeks from approval of your artwork.

How will my neon sign be shipped?


Our bespoke promise even extends to our delivery. Where ever possible all our pieces will be hand delivered and hung. If this is not possible we will arrange the safest and most suitable delivery option for you.

How long does

neon last?


The life of a neon sign is dependent on how much and how often it is used. A well-made neon sign should last around 30,000 hours or many years; though that varies on the type of circumstances the sign endures.

How does it work?


Here comes the science bit - electrical current bombards the inert gas atoms with electrons knocking neon's atoms out of their orbits. The electrons collide with other free electrons sending them back toward the atoms.

As the electrons are absorbed into the atom, energy is given

off as light.

How do you get

the colours?


Neon gas naturally has a red glow in a vacuum tube when combined with electricity. However, to make other colours, different types of gas are used, such as Argon, which will emit a blue colour, or Krypton, which produces a bright white glow. Neon signs are also made in different colours by using different coloured fluorescent lights in the tube, or by using coloured glass, so the colour of the light can be manipulated.

How do you bend

the glass?


The glass is rotated and rocked (rocked and rolled) in burner flames which use a gas and air mixture to raise the flame temperature. Generally four burners are used. Crossfire and fishtail burners produce most angled bends and splices.

Is neon hot?


Fear not, neon doesn't get hot,

it can't burn or catch on fire, so it's not going to burn you if you touch it.

Is neon dangerous...

what if it breaks?


Neon and argon gas are not dangerous, they are inert. So there is not risk of poisoning if

it breaks, but be careful of

the glass!




Bespoke artwork created for the launch of a new range by leading British Fine Jeweller Astley Clarke. Design of the piece had to reflect the intricate composition of the new pendants.

3 neon halos were positioned over a stunning blown up image of three siblings.  Each halo was wired with its own switch - so the family could turn any particular halo off for a while if, when required!

This piece of art was carefully framed and forms the centre piece of the main living area within the home.

The Vulcan was created by a wife for her husband’s 50th birthday. He is a passionate glider and loves all things aviation related, and during the year of his 50th birthday (2015), the last Vulcan bomber was finally retired, it has white neon in keeping with the tradition of out of work planes.

This special piece of art was created to honour the memory of a cherished grandmother, who grew up in the USA and used to play the dice game 'craps' in the hope of winning some money to treat herself with.  She would kiss the dice and whisper 'C'mon baby, She needs new shoes' before each roll!


"We went bonkers for Joanna's neon and have

a huge heart in the hall and all the kids have

their names in lights - its magical."



Joanna works closely with each client to help develop the design of their unique piece of art. The size of the piece, the colour of the neon and the backing board are decided on at this stage.


•  We have over 20 spectacular neon colours available


•  We can then mount the neon on brushed aluminium or perspex for a

   contemporary industrial look, distressed wood for a more rustic look, or a

   sleek painted backing board.


•  Photographs can be blown up and accented with neon


We will take you through the steps needed to transform your writing and design into lights. handwriting, simply take a photograph of it and send it to us. We then create a CAD template of the writing to scale. Once this is signed off by you the glass is then carefully shaped by hand.


In Joanna's workshop in the Chiltern Hills, the works of art are created and assembled ready for delivery.



If the piece is staying in UK we then arrange delivery and discuss hanging options (wiring can be channelled into a wall for a very clean look if required).

If the artwork is going abroad, a bespoke crate is created to protect the art.

A travel crate is an additional cost of the sign if it is to be moved around a few times in the future.



m: 07956 557424